Social Video Takeways SMM 2016

“Video allows us to tell the great stories of our customers, rather than our own.” – Bo Dietrick, Video Producer of Exact Target Summary.

From opening keynote to closing, videos are extensively used and the most talked about topic in the social media marketing world. We, perhaps, have come a long way when social media marketers use YouTube as the sole piece of content promotion platform. Today, it is time to say that video has taken its place as the king of online content.

Snapchat, Facebook video ads and YouTube are some of the common influential marketing platform. There are other video sites where impressive and informative content can be shared. But all depends on the type of businesses to be advertized as many video platforms don’t support every business.

2016 – The Year Will Be Ruled By Live Videos

In an event, Michael Stelzner, the president of Social Media Examiner has jumped into certain key points and numbers which are:

  • 50% of all online marketers plan to use live video as the promotional content
  • 50% of them would show their interest to learn about live video
  • 14% of social media marketers are already using live video

Social videos are beneficial for both the creators and marketers.

Creators can build community using live videos, enhance subscribers and sell product. For marketers it is one of the most interesting platforms to target audience. Just follow the industry trends and create an interesting video.

Facebook Video – Social Media Marketers Must Make a Note of It

It is now clear to all that more subscribers mean more income potential. The following statistics can help you understand better:

  • 73% of online marketers increase their online video
  • 21% of all marketing gurus claim FB video as the most significant form of content marketing
  • 58% of them still want to increase their knowledge about live video sharing on YouTube
  • 67% are willing to enhance their Facebook marketing in 2016

Now, it has been clear to most of us that Facebook is going to be the numero uno platform where short promotional videos can be shared to grab attention of online traffic. As more and more businesses are relying on this social media platform, they will seek out YouTube and other platforms. As per experts, Facebook Video can be the best tool to influence people.

Online Videos Grabbing Attention of TV Producers

Famous television show producers are now relying on YouTube videos to promote their shows. It is interesting not only for us, the marketers but also for viewers. Isn’t it? If any show is phenomenally awesome then people would look for video clips in YouTube.

Video Analytics – For Detailed Insights

A detailed insights provided by YouTube or Facebook video platforms help you understand the type of audience who visited your live videos. This will help in strategizing your next marketing campaign. Some of the key things you can get from such analysis are:

  • Information about demographics
  • Average view duration
  • Clicked YouTube cards
  • Annotations

Understand the numbers to determine the value of your work. Run an influential campaign to make the most of video promotion.

All about Snapchat

This small app can wave out the giants. Snapchat is not everyone’s game. If you are planning to invest to get maximum ROI in the long term, then it is the best platform possible for video marketing. Create native content and go online!

Snapchat is meant to be original and unique. It can’t be used as a medium to drive sales just like other social media sites. So, be careful while using this comparatively younger marketing platform.

Remarketing – Use Adwords

You can use Adwords to find the list of video creators who push live videos and remarket the shared videos again to target audience according to the base of behavior and choice. Combined with Google Display Network, remarketing can be a powerful tool.

Winding up

Whether you are a video developer or marketer, social media is the most promising platform to share videos. You can gain potential growth through social videos but those have to be prepared by professionals. Or else your investment and time will go waste.

Zoom Web Media is a well known Digital Marketing Service in UK and does video marketing for small and medium sized company.


Social media video promotion is an effective way to gain potential leads. Some of the most popular platforms where live videos can be shared are Facebook, YouTube and Snapchat. But what needs to be remembered is that all videos have to be developed in the most professional way. Live video promotion is beneficial for both online marketers and creators.

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