10 Things to Avoid in Social Media

With countless businesses currently using social media marketing (SMM), those who have not yet caught on run the risk of being unnoticed in an increasingly rapid moving mores of inter connectivity. We all know that social media marketing is really important and it has become more than an art of marketing. It is cheap and other modes of marketing and hence more and more entrepreneurs are investing hefty amounts on social media.

However, it has been noticed that most business owners often commit certain mistakes that can actually lead to loss and brand degradation.  Let us see some noticeable mistakes that are done while running a campaign on social media.

Don’t just stick to Facebook

It has been noticed that most businessmen pray Facebook as their ultimate social media GOD. But time has come to change this mentality and we have to come out of our shells and explore something else. Remember diversity helps in gaining more clients and prospects. Think of getting active on other social platforms like LinkedIn, Google Plus and Twitter. Just do it. You will surely notice the change.

Don’t use too many social platforms at the same time

Don’t get confused. When we say that you must be active on various other social media networks we mean that you must stay connected with your customers through various social channels. But don’t just share the same post or news on every social media networks at the same time. It will be really a childish act to do so by a professional. Don’ you think so? Share unique information in each of the platforms you use. This is a must!

Don’t share posts without thinking of the consequences

This has to be one of the major mistakes businesses make on social media, and can be massively damaging. Try to avert sharing inappropriate messages written in poorly worded content. Doing so will kill your brand image and you will witness a shard fall in your client base. Stop this disaster and be a little cautious while sharing any links or message in your social media walls.

Forgetting to apply spell check

Before you share any content in social media, do remember to do a scrupulous spell check. Poor spelling and grammar make your content sloppy and reduce the impact.

Don’t respond unprofessionally

The way you respond to your client’s queries matters a lot. Don’t respond for the sake of doing it. Read the questions, understand what they want to say and then respond. Engage in a communication in a decent and respectful way.

Don’t be casual always

Social media networks are the best place where you get ample opportunities to communicate with your customers. But remember that you don’t get carried away and try to become too much casual. Refrain from being casual at times as you and your customers must maintain a respectful relationship so that your bond becomes strong. Don’t dare to use “u” in place of “you” while communicating with customers.

Don’t leave comments unattended

People tend to feel unappreciated and unnoticed when they see that their comments are not replied. Hence, give them the assurance that they are important for you and your business by simply giving a reply. It creates magic!

Don’t share any posts without images

Today, we have a tendency to look at posts which has a lot of images. At times, you can even convey what you want to say through images. Hence, don’t keep your content flat and dull. Add some spice… add some images.

Don’t share too much information

Too much salt or sugar spoils the taste of food. Similarly, too much information can spoil your content. Share exactly what needs to be shared. Don’t overburden your customers with unwanted information.

Don’t neglect your own profile

You must treat your social media profile with utmost care and professionalism. Feed the walls with fresh and relevant content. Then only it will grab attention of online readers who can turn out to be your customers.

Remember all these and we are sure that your online presence will improve drastically. Be professional and avert miscommunication!

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Social Media: 10 Things You Must Avoid

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