How SEO Professionals and Content Marketers are Optimizing for RankBrain

Back in 2015, Google announced about the use of its “machine-learning algorithm system” RankBrain, that helps users to get the best and relevant search results. However, we must remember on important thing. This is just an addition made by Google. It is not an algorithm update.

As per industry experts, Google’s RankBrain is the third most important signal that contributes to get proper search results. Now, that it is in practice, we must learn more about the process and how it impinges on SEO on the whole.

Understand how RankBrain works

It is said that artificial intelligence is surpassing the robots and the process is here to stay. RankBrain or the machine learning is a process where computer is self—taught in the fullness of time. The process has made modern day computers smarter than ever and is considered to be as smart as humans. This is in terms of gaining knowledge on what it knows.

Content development for HUMANS

Today, the search engine optimization process has been humanized to get a personal touch. Hence, it is really important to get good quality content in a natural and neutral language. Your content should be easily understandable and absorbed. Then only it will serve the purpose of content marketers.

You have to use content to solve all queries of your target audience. Play with words, not the KEYWORDS, to make the readers realize the purpose of writing and sharing the content online. Today, you have to dump the idea of “focused keywords” and have to write content in an unbiased language.

Develop content that can accomplish the needs of people

It is really significant to create content the way people generally search for using their voice commands or mind. RankBrain was developed to display the most relevant search results. So, we must focus on the quality of content rather than keywords. Keep your content informative and relevant. This is what RankBrain works for.

Links… more links

In order to get advantage with RankBrain update and get good search results, the significance of links can’t be overlooked. Links is one of the key parameters that influence ranking results in Google. With thousands of Google’s ranking factors it is really important to get good links to your website so that your websites domain authority is nicely balanced. Higher authority means higher ranks. This is simple mathematics.

When including links to content the following should be taken into consideration:

  • Domain Authority of the page
  • Quality goes higher than quantity
  • Links to your website has to be relevant to your business or website
  • Check the authenticity of the links so make sure your audience will entertain those links

Time to think beyond keyword stuffing and optimization

With the addition of RankBrain and current trends of SEO being humanized, content marketers and SEO analysts should forget about keyword optimization and focus on search term frequency and significance. It is time to stay focus on informative content rather than keyword stuffing to get search engine results.

Time to re-visit your old content

Since the launch of your website, you might have added and promoted a lot of content to get good search results in Google. With the launch of RankBrain, you have to make sure; that old keyword based content has to be revamped so that your website and other promotional content don’t get penalized by Google.

One more thing… always stay updated and follow latest SEO technologies to boost your website rank and get good conversions.


With the launch of RankBrain, the so called machine-learning algorithm, the task of content marketers and SEO professionals have become more interesting. Say good bye to keyword specific content. It is time to share informative and relevant content to grab attention of online traffic.

How SEO Professionals and Content Marketers are Optimizing for RankBrain

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