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In this world of digital marketing, content is of vital importance. It is very important than ever to ensure that content you use stands out in the sea of content marketing. In order to do that all you need is to create 10x content.

What 10x content and where did the term originate?

‘10x content’ is a term used by marketers these days. Rand Fishkin coined the term which now used by several marketers to describe the content with is ten times better than any other content search results bring up. There is a specific list of qualities compiled by Fishkin. While all of the qualities are important not all of them are needed in content, but an ample number of these features must be used for making the piece qualify for 10x content.

The 7 Pillars of 10x Content

  1. A unique positive user experience- Positive experience can be created by anyone but a 10x content needs to be uniquely positive. This does not only implies to the content but also the site’s design, the fonts and patterns.
  2. Trustworthy, High quality interesting writing- A writing piece needs to be useful, interesting to read and trustworthy. A touch of humor, great research and an easily understandable content can do it all.
  3. Unique approach- The content must go above and beyond its approach and presentation to become the favorite of search engines. The content must answer all unanswered question and create unique experience for the reader. There are different ways to do this, so it depends on the brand and the author.
  4. Loads quickly- Regardless of the browser or the device used to view the site, the page should take no time to load. A seamless interaction with the site is necessary.
  5. Evokes the emotions- Any good piece needs to evoke the emotional response from the reader. The response can be anything but it must be real and immediate. If readers do not relate emotionally they won’t remember about the content.
  6. Garners shares- A 10x content needs to draw considerable shares on all social media platforms, or get links and mentions in site.
  7. Solves the problem of the reader- All great content are known to solve problems or answer questions for readers in a different way. All answers must be present in an easy and digestible manner.

7 Pillars of 10X Content

Why Great Content Is Not Enough?

We are living in the world where content flood is occurring in Biblical proportions. For this great content is not enough. Content that stands out will have the right direction and seo integrated with it. Only then readers can enjoy the massive wave I the flood rather than sinking in it.

Factors That Change Search Climate

  1. The Rise Of User Experience- Once upon a time, web pages existed to answer questions, they had a bad user experience but nobody cared. Today, user experience plays an important role in Google algorithms. Sites now load quickly and people look for the websites on mobile devices and enjoy connecting everywhere.
  2. Linking building through black hat technology was pretty common one time, but things have changed and black hat practices are no longer promoted. The new Google Panda update has made sure that this change is for the better. Link building is possible only through genuine method when the content is good, genuine, and sharable.
  3. Content marketing got hot every year. People love to read things over their internet as they find it useful. So when so much information is available over the internet, content became more famous.
  4. Users now want more their expectations are always on a high. They want the best of everything, including content, design, load time, pictures and so on. Anything that falls of the mark their expectation as set there is no way out from it, the website, or the brand is gone.

5 guidelines of Greate Content

5 Important Guidelines to Create 10x Content

With all the information available today, it is quite common to have dismal outlook about the sate of content today. But writers, SEOs and marketers would understand that maintaining high quality content that reflects intelligence is better for content users everywhere. Fortunately, doing so is not as hard as it sounds.

  1. Do Proper and Personal Research: Research is the primary key to success for writing 10x content. You need to know what on the market first. By doing your own research you can learn what done right, what I done wrong and what is not done at all. Try doing a Google search with your topic and understand the first 10 results that come from the search. You will surely generate good information for content creation efforts. Once you have all the information gathered, your content can reach the next level of success. One great tool is BuzzSumo. Content marketers can find any type of content, see what is trending, the top domains and be inspired. The tool will also help you to find industry influencers who are worth connecting ad reading.
  2. Consider The Questions That Readers Need Answering: All great content must answer all questions of readers. If it does not then there is no hope of the content being shared or getting links. Take a moment for yourself and ask yourself which questions do your content needs answering. When you have this is mind you can better prepare for engaging readers.
  3. Boost The User Experience: Check if your site is easy to navigate. Does the sight load like a lightning? Is it optimized for mobile devices? If the answer to it is no then you have to rectify it all. User wants experience that is easy to interact. If you are having trouble to navigate, click or find your way out, you will surely not visit the site again.
  4. Use visuals: Visuals take your content to the next level. If you are not using proper visuals for your content then you should be doing it now. 10x content depends on highly visualized content. This means the content should be inculcated with info graphics, photos, videos, screenshots, photos, etc. Pictures increase the understanding of readers and enhance user experience.
  5. Source Information of High Quality: Using links in your writing is not sufficient, especially if you are linking low quality sites or sites with low DA scores. In order to create content10x times, you need to make sure that you source data from highest quality sites available and linking data to them is top. BuzzSumo comes handy here as well for researching where to get high quality content with citational information.

The Prospect of 10X Content

Every evidence points out that10x content is here to stay and any marketers who want success in 2015 and later will benefit if they pay attention to it. 10x content actually makes a good deal of sense. The entire climate of content valley is changing and so are user preference and search habits of people. That being said, it is wise for digital marketing experts to bend themselves before they break. 10X content is a solution in the world of content deluge. Use good language, intelligent content, optimized, unique, and thoughtful in approach. Writers can adapt to this changing climate and bring out the rainbow for users, writers and the web at large.

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