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# Hashtags have become common these days. Throughout social media, you can easily find a # hashtag. Every wondered why we all do # hash tagging?  Another feature that is gaining importance over the social web is “tip of the day” feature. Again, did you ponder to think why we all like “tip of the day” posts?  Let us analyze the science behind these recent increasingly famous trends of hash tags and tip of the day posts.

What is HashTag #?

To state in simple terms, a hashtag is a reliable and convenient way to categorize topics, find them, and join conversations. The # is used to highlight important words or keywords within a social media post. The sign can be used in any part of the post. Thanks to Twitter who initially started with the concept on social media, hash mark has now become the famous # hashtag. The symbol brings order to the frenzied world of social media where a post or an idea can get lost within few minutes.

Facebook Hash tag

Hash Tagging Rules

We know what #hashtag is and why we use it. But there are simple rules while making this type of posts. There should be no spaces while using hashtag. For differentiating words, capitals or uppercase letters can be used. Numbers are supported with this tag so they can be used when applying on posts. No punctuation marks are allowed in hashtag if you want it to serve its purpose accurately. Simply put # before a series of hashtags and your concept is categorized, and ready for discussion.

Platforms For Hashtag Use

# Hashtag can be used in Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest. In the modern day business world hashtags # are used to promote any specific event or campaigns. A # tag works well when it is innovative and completely new. You can use more than one hashtag in a post, but using more than three or four # tags will be an exaggeration.

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Why Tip Of the Day

When Google has made it clear that content is king, more and more brands are trying to deliver useful and informative content that works well for visitors. Any company planning to move forward with digital marketing strategies need to implement #Tipoftheday. Imagine a world where you are surrounded with problems on a specific issue. Suddenly you get a tip of the day post from your favorite website that gives a solution to one such problem. Not only you learn something important and useful but you find easy solutions to your problem that were hard to locate anywhere else. The tip acts like a bright light in the dark forest.

Tip of the Day are like step by step guide to the solution of a constant problem. Several companies have taken the initiative to use the feature Tip of the Day to market content but when you #Tipoftheday, you not only enter into a discussion based on the tips but you enter a category where helpful solutions are mentioned. Doesn’t it feel good when you find all helpful solutions under one roof, one category on any social media sites? #Tipoftheday is an opportunity to teach and learn at the same time.

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When you use #Tipoftheday you can see a long list of tips posted by different users. This allows you to categorize the post, be selective, and choose solutions you want to see. Tip of day posts are very common in all industries. Health industry, food industry, and marketing industry benefit highly from it. Is there a better way to find a proper solution for concepts or find helpful ideas on things? Try checking #Tipoftheday.


#Tip Of the Day- The Science Behind Hash Tag

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