Make SEO friendly Website in Word Press

Many web developers, especially WordPress developers get confused while creating a website. They must remember that there is couple of things which they must take care of while developing a search engine friendly website in WordPress platform. These are:

  • Follow most updated and unsurpassed SEO practices
  • Speedy load time
  • Mobile optimized
  • Dedicated search engine optimization options
  • Good aesthetics

It is a fact that it is not always possible to find all the features in every WordPress theme to make or develop a fast and smartly optimized website. You will find a lot of themes where there are features which are not good for SEO. A smart website developer will definitely avoid using those themes irrespective they can give a web page an elegant look.


Do remember one thing that the brand ‘Optimizer’ has developed a number of themes which are SEO friendly. They have done this after comprehensive and thorough market analysis. So there is less chance to find flaws in those highly developed WordPress themes. Most of the themes are customizable and have user-friendly features. Hence, any developer would find it easy to work on it.

With Optimizer, you can effortlessly use WordPress widgets to create dramatic SEO friendly web pages. You can add CTAs, testimonials, contact forms, map, posts, portfolio, newsletter, slider, video and social bookmarks on your website. You will find almost 20 smart and elegant widgets that can be added on your page as separate sections. Themes are developed to create mobile friendly or responsive websites in just a few minutes.

Optimizer Theme


Installation: The first step which a developer must take is to install the latest version of Optimizer WordPress theme from the official WordPress site. For better results, it is recommended to install the theme with complete features that are available in Optimizer’s official page.

Customization: After you have finished installing your desired theme, start preparing for customization. The best part is that, today, you can add or edit sections to all pages using smart widgets that come along with the theme. You can opt from Advanced Text Widget, CTA, testimonials, contact form, map, posts, portfolio, newsletter, slider, video, and social bookmarks. Once you are done tailoring the front page, you can customize the inner pages as well, by going to the Edit Screen of that precise page and clicking the “Customize with Widgets” key.

Speed and SEO: By default, Optimizer comes with out-and-out SEO options such as: Meta Title and description settings, Social Share Image settings, Breadcrumbs and Schema Markup facet. The theme loads very swift as it follows the superlative coding standards. You can go ahead and optimize the alacrity using a cache plugin like w3total cache. And pointless to say, the theme is absolutely attuned with SEO by Yoast. With Optimizer you will be competent to fabricate beautiful sites without disquieting about fundamental SEO and speed optimization. These advanced features are all entirely built in.

Now that you are aware of all the basic as well as most updated features of Optimizer’s WordPress themes, you must not think of anything else. Your next project has to be finished using smart themes and beautiful themes. You would be pleased to know that these themes can be easily installed and can be used by even new website developers. With WordPress, make your web development work superior. Enjoy your work and do something exceptional.

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WordPress websites can be developed in minutes using smart themes from the house of Optimizer. This piece of writing is all about the processes involved in building a smart and SEO friendly website using modern themes.

Create SEO Friendly WordPress Website in Minutes

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