6 Ways to Promote Content and Brand Efficiently on Social Media By now, everybody knows how significant social media is for us. Isn’t it so? Just by clicking or searching in Google we can get thousands of pages which discuss about the role and importance of social media channels in our professional and personal lives.

I am a huge fan of some of the key social media networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Facebook. I am sure you would agree with me that these sites are some of the best online marketing tools which can be used to promote content and brand efficiently and smartly.

However, you must follow certain things to ensure your content and brand are advertized properly in leading social media sites.

Beguiling Headlines – They Matter A Lot

Don’t laugh at those who spend hours in finalizing a catchy and smart headline for his content. Well, it is a must thing to do when it comes to content promotion on social media. Being perfect means you are at the winning spot. Your content’s headline must grab the attention of online audience. A flamboyant and mesmerizing title is what I would gamble for as a headline for my forthcoming promotional content.

People would read your content promoted on any social media only if the headline is interesting. Then only people will read and share your content and retweet it again and again causing benefit to you only. We must focus on our headlines so that we can get the most out of our content marketing campaign.

Increase Engagement through Visuals

Don’t you think that some of your social media updates lack audience engagement? Are your posts getting less likes?

One thing you can immediately do is to use images in content you share in various social media sites. Don’t forget that there are other social media networks which are based entirely on images, like Pinterest and Instagram. Using visuals while promoting your content on social media are extremely important. Zoom Web Media is a Web Design Service in UK and is well known for its exiting, appealing design.

Share Content at the Right Moment

Do you have any idea about the best time of the day to tweet?

5 pm is the time for highest retweets. 12 pm and 6 pm for highest CTR. So, you have to make sure that your great piece of content is shared at the right moment and on the right social media platform. This will help in pulling the crowd’s attention when they are active. Use or manage your editorial calendar and schedule the perfect time to share your content. Zoom Web Media is a famous digital marketing company in UK well known for managing content marketing of small and medium sized business.

Repost Your Content

You must have the guts to repost your content. Use Buffer tools to do that. You may have written and posted a good content a long time back. But the topic still remains discussed and hot around social media. So, think of reposting it. You will definitely get result. Zoom Web Media is a

Pinned Tweets – Make the Most of Them

Pinned tweet is quite simple and can be added as call to action feature in your content. The good thing is that pinned tweets can be changed as often you like, allowing you to promote your most significant content. You have the freedom to control over it!

Too Many Hash Tags Can Spoil Your Content

It has been noticed that many people often use too many hash tags while tweeting content. This is not a good practice and it actually spoils the quality and efficacy of the shared content. Ideally, you must use hash tags to words which are relevant and trying to promote. You can learn about using hash tags in the right manner in various posts which you will find online.


Content promotion is good for businesses only if they are done in the smartest way possible. One must do extensive online research or consult a social media marketer to understand the basis of content promotion in various social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest. Learn the tricks and get the result!

6 Ways to Promote Content and Brand Efficiently on Social Media

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